Color change wraps and are a great way to change the color of your car without the commitment of paint. Vinyl wrapping your car protects the existing paint underneath and allows you to change the color at any time.


It all begins with an idea, whether it is a full color change wrap or an awesome custom printed wrap, we can help conceptualize your vision. We properly disassemble to ensure all edges are wrapped perfectly and take the up most care into wrapping. We look at the car to add subtle details and we make it right the first time.

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We provide wrap of all kinds including tail light and head light tint. We offer a variety of colors and tint percentages. Use the best quality wrap material to make those subtle changes.

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Partial wrap can be any hood wrap, stripes, half wrap or roof wrap. We make all graphics and stripes in-house or by hand using 3M Design Line Knifeless Tape. This allows us to make clean cut lines while protecting the vehicle.

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Chrome delete is great way to make those simple subtle changes. We find a color that matches your paint color or you can choose from gloss black or satin black for those chrome window trims and other chrome details.

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Can you wrap over a bad paint job?

No. Unfortunately wrap is not a solution for paint issues, such as clear coat failure, paint peeling or sun damage. During the wrap process we may need to reposition the wrap and it will cause the wrap to pull clear or paint. This will ruin the paint and ultimately ruin the look of the wrap. We recommend if there any paint issues that it be professionally repainted or fixed before getting wrapped.

Can you wrap over rock chips or sratches?

Yes. If rock chips are extremely bad we will discuss the matter to sand them down or not. Small scratches and small rock chips are not a problem, but large scratches or rock chips can be seen through the wrap. We recommend having a body shop sand down any large scratches and fixed properly, before wrapping.

What is the cost of wrap?

The cost of a full color change wrap all depends on the make, model, type of vehicle, without or with door jambs, desired wrap color, current color of vehicle, trim level and modifications. We also offer partial wraps such as hood wrap, roof wraps, stripes, chrome delete, light tint, etc. So it is best to contact us about the details of your vehicle, so we can get you an accurate quote. Sometimes it is best to call to set up appointment to come by to look at colors and we can check out the vehicle in person.

What is the lifespan of wrap?

We use the best materials on the market. These materials will last up to 3 - 5 years, if kept properly. We recommend using a liquid wax conditioner specifically formulated for wraps, such as Jax Wax Wrap Star or have your wrap ceramic coated.

Can you wrap over ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating and any other kind of coating are great to protect the painted surface, but wrap can not go over any coatings. If a vehicle has a coating it will not allow the wrap to stick. This means that any kind of coating must be removed before wrapping. Some coatings or sealants can be removed with a strong degreaser, which we can do in-house, but a ceramic coating needs to be removed by a professional detailer.

Can you ceramic coat a wrap?

Yes you can and we typically recommend to ceramic coat a wrap. We recommend a ceramic coating because it increases the lifespan of a wrap and makes cleaning your car so much easier. If you choose a satin finish wrap we always recommend a ceramic coating.